• All jobs are priced individually because every project is different

  • A non-refundable 50% (of estimate) deposit is required to begin any project

  • Estimates are estimates – actual cost may be higher, depending on amount of time and research required for project completion

  • Payment of remaining balance is due upon receipt of First Draft

  • One set of minor revisions to First Draft is included

  • Major revisions require additional charges

  • A 50% (of revision estimate) deposit is required before major revisions begin


  • Submit your project to YESWOLF COPYWRITERS

  • If your project is accepted, you will receive cost and turn-around time estimates within 48 hours

  • Turn-around times vary depending on other projects already in production

  • To begin your project, submit your non-refundable 50% deposit

  • First Draft will be completed on or about the specified deadline

  • Upon receipt of final payment, we will proceed with requested minor revisions

  • If you submit major revisions, you will receive new time and cost estimates

  • Major revisions will begin upon receipt of your non-refundable 50% (of revision estimate) deposit

  • Final Draft will be completed on or about the specified deadline

  • Final payment of all unpaid fees is due upon receipt of Final Draft

  • An additional 10% fee will be added to your final charges every 30 days for late payment